Strategic community relationships serve as catalysts for good within the city of Memphis to address financial needs, employ the ministry of reconciliation, and bless the community. ICC Committed Partnerships are our most important relationships in Local Ministry. Committed Partners represent mutually beneficial, highly strategic relationships involving our church’s investment of people, project support, and/or financial support. Committed Partnerships help to fuel ICC’s mission, allowing us to bring help and hope to people in our community through practical service and gospel ministry.

Committed Partnerships are established through: 

  1. Identification of ministries or organizations by ICC members/potential team leaders and approval by ICC Staff/Leadership.

  2. After training and preparation, these partnerships can then be supported by Team Leaders, within ICC’s membership.

  3. The majority of logistics and communication would be organized through the Team Leader with ICC Staff/Leadership providing frequent oversight.

  4. While participants can be regular attenders, Team Leaders within committed partnerships must be members of Island Community Church.

Committed Partnerships are characterized by: 

Gospel Access

  1. Committed Partnerships also require a deeper level of alignment with ICC’s mission with the ultimate goal being opportunity to further the gospel. Committed Partnerships necessitate a willingness to support or allow ICC’s mission and values, requiring:
         a) No opposition to the gospel fruitfulness in the local church
         b) Work that is seen as a conduit of help and hope in our strategic communities

Mutual Benefit

  1. Recognition and appreciation of the mutual benefit of partnership
  2. Regularly assessed / measured fruitfulness of the partnership in a predefined manner with the partner
  3. Members and participants experience an enjoyable and organized service opportunity/practice, furthering regular practices of serving in our congregation’s everyday life. 

Regular, Open Communication

  1. Open recognition and communication of partnership to all constituents
  2. Opportunity for inclusion in partner promotional materials
  3. Open, easy communication with ICC Leadership (Note: Communication will normally be facilitated through ICC Team Leader, with oversight and support from the ICC Staff/Leadership)

Committed Partnerships are utilized for: 


  1. Committed Partners will have a regular rhythm of service opportunities, including weekly or bi-monthly events or service opportunities, to be hosted by ICC or the Committed Partner.
  2. Easy entry points for new volunteers
  3. Opportunity for regular communication regarding upcoming events or practices of the Committed Partners, to the ICC congregation

Churchwide Giving and Projects

  1. ICC prioritizes Committed Partners for the opportunity for financial support and larger-scale projects that require churchwide support