ICC recognizes that there are many individuals, organizations, and nonprofits throughout Memphis that contribute to the welfare of our city. While our Committed Partners represent our deepest investment and highest recommendations, it is our desire to connect with others and even encourage our members to do the same. 

Good-Will Connections are established through: 

• In general, Local Ministry Staff Leadership will develop and maintain the list of Good-Will Connections

• Goodwill Connections are established through a referral process, when a church member recommends an organization for consideration

• After a recommendation, Local Ministry Staff Leadership can make an assessment and decision about whether they may be added to the list

Good-Will Connections are characterized by:

• A vetted list of organizations that offer a variety of service opportunities in the community across a broad variety of causes, people groups, and neighborhoods

• An initial touchpoint / communication with Local Ministry Staff Leadership

• Periodic or regular opportunities for ICC members aligned with church and members’ interests

• Communication access to the organization’s leadership or volunteer coordinator

Good-Will Connections are utilized for:

• Awareness of ministry opportunities beyond our Committed Partnerships.

• Opportunities to foster members’ individual passions and calling for ministry.

• Connecting groups and individuals to opportunities in their community/neighborhoods.

• Exploring opportunities to develop new committed partnerships.