As a church, we offer strategic training to equip each member to make their unique contribution to God’s global mission.  Throughout the year, you have the opportunity to grow through training in workshops, online courses, participating in a short term mission trip, and our monthly rhythm of Global Missions Focus! Together, we will take the next step in understanding & participating in God's redemptive work in the world.

go on a short term trip

We ask every member of our church to consider going on one of our short-term global mission trips for ministry this year. Because we desire all short-term trips to align with established gospel visions, movements, and strategies, all trips represent long-term partnerships supporting specific requests of national workers or local missionaries.  Also, because we believe in God's purposes through the local church, all trips are aimed at beginning or supporting gospel-saturated church planting movements.

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Periodically, we will hold special workshops so that as a church we can be further equipped in cross cultural ministry, understand critical global issues, and better grasp our particular contributions to God’s mission.

Cojourners Evangelism Training | Coming Spring 2021

Engaging the Nations Next Door | Coming Summer 2021


We are developing an online curriculum for you to be further equipped in missions. These courses will expound on the foundation laid in Discovery and strategically prepare you to make your unique contribution to God’s global mission.

Understanding & Engaging Muslims | Coming Spring 2021

“After serving my first summer overseas, I was beginning to wrestle with the idea of going long term. I wasn’t sure what platform I would use, which organization I would go through, or how to serve the people I was going to live with in an authentic and strategic way. So going into my second summer, my only expectation was to serve the team I was going to be a part of. I wanted my passion and burden for unreached peoples to grow. I also was praying to find clarity about my future overseas.

One morning as I was on my balcony, looking over the city of 8 million people, the reality that sank in is that thousands of people, fellow image bearers, people that Jesus went to the cross for, are dying in this country without the opportunity of receiving salvation. First my heart was wrecked for these people, then the Lord was quick to remind me that He is still sovereign over them, cares for them, and has given me the privilege of being a part in the ministry of reconciliation for His people.

Throughout the summer the Lord revealed pieces of wisdom regarding my future, encouraging me towards graduate school, and solidifying a passion for cross cultural ministry in my heart. I’m currently pursuing my Masters in Public Health in Epidemiology and plan to go back after graduation. I don’t know what all the future holds but I believe that when we strive to live out Acts 20:24, the Lord will use us in ways we might not have imagined. Our call isn’t to go when we have it all figured out, but to be obedient and go when he calls us to.“ 

- Jarrell Johnson