As a church, we offer strategic training to equip each member to make their unique contribution to God’s global mission. Throughout the year, you have the opportunity to grow through learning environments, completing online courses, and participating in a short term mission trip. Together, we will take the next step in understanding & participating in God's redemptive work in the world.

go on a short term trip

We ask every member of our church to consider going on one of our short-term global mission trips for ministry this year. Because we desire all short-term trips to align with established gospel visions, movements, and strategies, all trips represent long-term partnerships supporting specific requests of national workers or local missionaries.  Also, because we believe in God's purposes through the local church, all trips are aimed at beginning or supporting gospel-saturated church planting movements.

Click here to learn more about our short term mission trips.


Periodically, we will hold special learning environments so that as a church we can be further equipped in cross cultural ministry, understand critical global issues, and better grasp our particular contributions to God’s mission.


"Short term missions have played a vital role in my life and my outlook among the nations. These trips have allowed me the opportunity to personally experience and be a part of what God is doing around the world. Throughout my life, I may have heard of some of the things God was doing around the world but when I had the opportunity to personally experience it and actually be a part of what God was doing, it changed EVERYTHING for me. Personally experiencing missions changed my life. It put a fire deep in my soul for the spread of the gospel to the unreached.

If you're looking for opportunities to serve the church, please consider going on one of the short term trips the church offers. It's an amazing opportunity to serve alongside some of our global partners and to see and be a part of what God is doing among the nations.

The Global Missions Cohort is also very helpful for people looking to learn or pursue missions. There is something special about meeting and praying with other believers about the spread of the gospel among the nations."

- Zach from our ICC family