Glenn roseberry

icc missionary

Glenn was one of the earliest members of ICC. He was a faithful and active member of our church, even leading one of our first small groups in his home. Glenn owned and operated several businesses in the Memphis area, and Global Missions was nowhere on his radar. That all changed after Glenn participated in ICC’s first-ever short-term mission trip to East Africa. After a season of brokenness, burden, discipleship, experience, confirmation, and divesting himself of all his businesses and possessions, ICC commissioned him to return to East Africa, as a full-time missionary and church planter.

Glenn is committed to go to the lost with the Good News of the Kingdom of God and fulfill the Great Commission. He has devoted himself to making disciples that make disciples, while teaching them to obey all Jesus taught. He and his team seek to fulfill the Great Commandment by loving “the least of these” with a particular emphasis on widows and orphans. They are also venturing to reach new tribes with the gospel.


In Tanzania, our team will be working alongside Glenn to use dental and medical clinics to reach strategic areas with the gospel. There are many villages and areas that have no churches or gospel presence. Most of the people in these areas live in abject poverty. 

Dates: June 22-July 2, 2024

Cost: $3,500

Deadline to Apply: February 26, 2024


Contact David Marshall for more information.