In 2003, ICC was planted by Hoyt Lovelace with a vision to see a gospel church planted on Mud Island that would have a love for Jesus, Memphis, and God’s glory among all people. At the time, Hoyt was in seminary with a man named Ebele Adioye, who had come to America from Ivory Coast for theological education. God gave Ebele a calling and vision to plant a thriving gospel church in the capital of his home country and lead a church planting movement from that church. A deep friendship formed between Hoyt, Ebele, and ICC. When Ebele returned to Ivory Coast after finishing his education, he returned with ICC’s support, forming one of our earliest Global Missions partnerships that continues to this day.

While Christianity saturates the southern portion of Ivory Coast, Islam, Animism, and hundreds of unreached villages dominate the northern half of the country’s geography and population. Additionally, humanitarian needs are pervasive (12 medical providers per 100k people; 25% of the population lives on less than $1.25/day), providing great need and opportunity for ministry. We are honored to partner with Ebele and his church to provide medical care and to evangelize, train pastors, and plant churches.


We will be going to work with Ebele Adioya in Ivory Coast this May. The fruit of the gospel is ripe in this area. This team will be doing community outreach during the day and holding a discipleship conference for men, women, and youth in the evenings! Good physical condition is recommended for team members due to the long days and the demands of the trip. A team of men and women who are interested in evangelism and discipleship are needed for this trip.

Date: TBD 2023

Cost: TBD

Deadline to apply and submit deposit: TBD

Contact Whitney Beach for more information.