In 2003, ICC was planted by Hoyt Lovelace with a vision to see a gospel church planted on Mud Island that would have a love for Jesus, Memphis, and God’s glory among all people. At the time, Hoyt was in seminary with a man named Ebele Adioye, who had come to America from Ivory Coast for theological education. God gave Ebele a calling and vision to plant a thriving gospel church in the capital of his home country and lead a church planting movement from that church. A deep friendship formed between Hoyt, Ebele, and ICC. When Ebele returned to Ivory Coast after finishing his education, he returned with ICC’s support, forming one of our earliest Global Missions partnerships that continues to this day.

While Christianity saturates the southern portion of Ivory Coast, Islam, Animism, and hundreds of unreached villages dominate the northern half of the country’s geography and population. Additionally, humanitarian needs are pervasive (12 medical providers per 100k people; 25% of the population lives on less than $1.25/day), providing great need and opportunity for ministry. We are honored to partner with Ebele and his church to provide medical care and to evangelize, train pastors, and plant churches.



In 2014 on their first medical mission trip to Ivory Coast with ICC, Drs. Gary and Cherese Tooley of our church felt that God was calling them to invest more deeply in the people of West Africa. Their unique gifts in medicine and research positioned them to change health outcomes and open new gospel opportunities in some of the most needy and underserved areas of the region. Over the last five years, they have taken significant and sacrificial steps of obedience to build a healthcare system in the Yamoussoukro area of Ivory Coast in support of the church planting efforts of Ebele, ICC’s Mission Partner there. Thousands of people have been served, lives have been saved, and healthcare outcomes have changed significantly because of their work. Recently, the Tooleys founded a nonprofit, “Healthy Heart Medical Ministries,” to help sustain and expand this medical and gospel work in Ivory Coast.  

Healthy Heart Medical Ministries’ mission statement is “changing lives one heart at a time.”  The ministry exists to promote heart health through direct healthcare, education, and the spread of the gospel. Healthy Heart Medical Ministries aims to change the face of communities by reducing the rate of heart disease and increasing the rate of Christ followers. The ministry is committed to improving the quality of life of people from Memphis to West Africa. Currently, the ministry supports four West Africa medical ministry trips every year, regular vital medicines for patients, and a part-time staff in Ivory Coast to support continuity clinics.   


November 22-30, 2024

We are sending a team to provide medical clinics as a way to meet physical needs and as a platform for church planting and evangelism in unreached areas.

Cost: $3,400

Deadline to Apply: August 5, 2024


Contact David Marshall for more information.