We have various ways that you can volunteer with our outreach to internationals in Memphis as a church. Through local organizations such as Refugee Memphis and Global Friends, we are able to befriend and serve refugees, immigrant professionals, and international students. We desire to show them the love and welcome of Jesus in order that we might open Gospel doors through these relationships.


We have partners serving refugees, international students, and language learners across the city of Memphis. God is bringing the nations to Memphis, and He desires to mobilize you to take the good news of Jesus to them!

If you would like to volunteer with one of our partners serving an affinity group, email the ICC Global Coordinator David Marshall, to learn more!


Every day, we brush shoulders with immigrants and neighbors from unreached people groups. God is bringing the nations to Memphis, and He has placed you in your workplace, neighborhood, and school for a purpose! If you would like to be resourced and coached in reaching out to the immigrants in your life, we would love to resource you! Global Missions workshops are great places to learn how to show biblical hospitality, engage with people from different cultures and religious beliefs, and share the gospel.

Check out the Global Missions Workshops


God is bringing the nations to us! 1 in 10 residents on Mud Island are immigrants! We would love to connect you with international friends in our neighborhood. 


Contact David Marshall to learn ways to meet and befriend internationals in our community.