We have various ways that you can volunteer with our outreach to internationals in Memphis as a church. Together we serve refugees, immigrant professionals, and international students through English practice, welcome events, and meeting immediate physical needs.  We desire to show them the love and welcome of Jesus in order that we might open Gospel doors through these relationships.


We have partners serving refugees, international students, and language learners across the city of Memphis. God is bringing the nations to Memphis, and He desires to mobilize you to take the good news of Jesus to them!

If you would like to volunteer with one of our partners serving an affinity group, click here to sign up & find out more!


Everyday we brush shoulders with immigrants and neighbors from unreached people groups - God is bringing the nations to Memphis and He has placed you in your workplace, neighborhood, and school for a purpose!  If you would like to be resourced and coached in reaching out to the immigrants in your life, we would love to resource you! 

Sign up here to receive resources and coaching in reaching out to the internationals in your sphere of influence.


God is bringing the nations to us - 1 in 10 residents on Mud Island are immigrants! We would love to connect you with international friends in our neighborhood. 

Sign up here for opportunities to meet and befriend internationals in our community.


Together every life group is initiated with the value of living with passionate purpose and to see expanding discipleship!

We are excited to announce MICRO GRANTS that every ICC Life Group can apply for. Together we as a church will invest through each life group into every community in our city through practical acts of service for refugees, international students, language learners, and professional immigrants. 

We hope you will dream together with your LIFE GROUP about how you might show radical CARE TOGETHER this season! 

Tell us how your Life Group would like to serve!


"Friendship with internationals can feel foreign to our natural human nature. As I began to read the Bible more, I realized that the Holy Spirit living inside us and the God that we love aren't American. From the first moment the Holy Spirit stepped on the scene, language and culture stopped becoming barriers. Cross-cultural friendship is sometimes vulnerable, embarrassing and frustrating for both sides. When Phillip and I began to be vulnerable and let fruit of the spirit take the lead, we noticed cultural awkwardness turned into deep friendships.

For Phillip and I, some of our most cherished friendships have language barriers. We’ve found that you don’t need perfect language to share a meal, or ask questions about someone’s hometown. Instead of 'studying up' on every culture, we just started asking genuine questions. Jesus is our perfect example of this. When He struck up a conversation with the Samaritan woman, or had lunch with Zacchaeus, He was making cross-cultural friendships!

Don’t let anyone tell you that cross-cultural friendships require any special calling or skills. You are made in the image of the God of the nations. You may feel clumsy and awkward this side of heaven, we do all the time. But cross-cultural friendships give us a sweet taste of the culture of Heaven!" 

- Claira White