We encourage ICC members to unite around a specific ministry in the local community. A Local Ministry Group forms when established and/or new friends choose to live on mission in the city by serving together regularly. Groups can form out of natural rhythms of community or through recognized passionate leaders who organize new groups for the purpose of ministry.


All Local Ministry Groups are committed to be:

  • Member Led: A member of ICC takes responsibility for leading each Local Ministry Group and being trained for this role.
  • Shepherd Supported: Local Ministry Church Leadership has responsibility for coaching, supporting, and overseeing each Local Ministry Group.
  • Church Connected: While each Local Ministry Group has its own unique identity, no group operates independently of our ICC body. Every group is connected to the church at large in our shared vision, values, purposes, and mission.

local ministry group types

Groups are typically organized around one of these three local ministry commitments:

  • Partner Groups
    • Example: A group is organized by a passionate leader to serve in regular rhythms with one of our Committed Partnerships. These groups form out of the diversity of the church towards a specific cause.
  • Neighborhood Groups
    • Example: A community group that seeks to serve the neighborhood in which they meet by providing a a safe neighborhood gathering. Utilizing this access point, the group members are able to deepen relationships with their neighbors, genuinely serve a community need, and bridge relational opportunities into spiritual conversations.
  • Cause Groups
    • Example: Groups can form to move toward unrecognized community needs. As God brings together people with unique passions for ministry, they can form groups to begin serving with a specific community emphasis.


• Regular check ins and/or gatherings with one another (twice a month) to pray for one another and their group’s focused ministry needs

• Regular service at a set time and place for the good of the community and the furtherance of the gospel

• Commitment to grow as disciples and to share what they are learning in God’s Word and as they serve in Local Ministry together

• Unity in diversity, embracing and utilizing their individual giftings to the glory of God on dynamic teams