global missions cohort

Because we desire to send out healthy and equipped cross-cultural servants, we have created a mentorship program called the Global Missions Cohort, operating throughout the year. If an ICC member desires to be sent out within a year and receive prayer and/or financial support as a Global Missions Apprentice or a Global Missions Partner, they must join the Global Missions Cohort. The purpose of the GM Cohort is to equip those seeking global missions endeavours by giving guidance, mentorship, and accountability.  

Based on a candidate’s age, experience, and maturity, they can be sent out in one of two ways: Global Missions Apprentice or Global Missions Partner. Apprenticeship can lead to Partnership.

Apprenticeship is typically for those serving for their first years overseas. This is a period when they can confirm their callings to and compatibility with the work, ministry, mission organization &/or job, laguage, culture, etc. This period helps ICC determine the worker’s fit with its global missions values and goals.

If you are processing a call to missions and would like to know more about being sent by ICC as a Global Missions Apprentice or Global Missions Partner, email our Global Coordinator, David Marshall.