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Hear from our leaders!

We hope you will take some time to watch these 2 minute videos as our leaders share how God is calling us to invest in ministry in the year ahead!

WORSHIP Highlights 2020

$4,500 in continued support for welcoming guests with love and hospitality

$800 in equipping and celebrating Sunday volunteers
$1,000 in discipleship resources and equipping for personal worship


$2,000 to provide greater access to discipleship opportunities for students

$8,000 in expanded opportunity for church fellowship and relational connections to be strengthened

$900 in increased member care fund to provide support for needs of our members


$6,000 in a pastoral residency program to prepare and equip men to pastor and plant churches

$12,000 in strategic partnerships and outreach events to support our community

$5,500 in greater campus outreach through our ICC students, campus partners, and clubs


$75,600 in expanded investment in short and long-term global missions sending

$4,025 in expanded investment for ministry with Internationals in Memphis
$3,300 in resources and training to send 10 individuals over seas for long-term global missions work


• $2,000 in expanded resources to equip families to be better stewards of their children’s discipleship

• $1,600 in expansion of classrooms and higher standards of screening for family ministry volunteers

2020 Leadership Highlights

$800 for new S.H.A.P.E. classes to equip each member to commit to being “All in 2020”

$7,000 in investment in training, conferences, and resources for ministry leaders
$300 in providing online training resources for discipling growing leaders through Ministry Grid

2020 Pastoral Team highlights

$53,925 in salaries for Community & Care Pastor and Local Ministry & Outreach Pastor positions

$12,093 to provide better benefits and health insurance coverage for the pastoral team

2020 Operations Highlights

$58,350 for investment in improvements and caring for our facility

$5,400 for in investment in security guards to help keep us safe and our property secure and welcoming

$10,296 to provide better benefits and health insurance coverage for full-time staff