Offering international families affected by pediatric cancer hope, respite, and community

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"Camp Hope was life changing."

Courtney Kassner, Camp Hope Volunteer (Memphis, TN)


Sladjan and Sara are a father-daughter duo who came to Memphis from Serbia for Sara to receive treatment at St. Jude. After connecting to ICC members at a St. Jude Target House event, Sladjan and Sara came to call ICC their Memphis church home. A friendship was built that has continued to this day.

During their treatment at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Sladjan and Sara participated in a week-long camp experience in Maine for families affected by pediatric cancer. Encouraged by their experience, Sladjan began to dream about a way to connect with families affected by pediatric cancer in his home country, where families would typically face abandonment by family and friends in the face of a cancer diagnosis. They purposed to start a joy-filled, hopeful experience for families in their home country similar to what they had the opportunity to experience in the United States. 

In 2015, Sladjan and ICC partnered together to make this dream a reality and Camp Hope was born.  This year, 80+ people from across the Serbian region will gather for Camp Hope! Click here to access Camp Hope's social media where you can what's happening this year!

"I'll never forget the night we hosted a dance party. I looked up to see a mother weeping while watching her son, a brain tumor survivor, dance with the other children and volunteers. As we ventured over to check on her, she shared the reason for her tears of joy - "I didn't think he would ever dance again.""

Michelle Bowden, M.D., Camp Hope Volunteer (Memphis, TN)