GO! MONTH 2022

Our God is a global God. We see the thread of his heart for all people woven throughout the pages of Scripture. He is making for Himself, even now, a kingdom built from every tribe, nation, and tongue, who will one day worship Him together forever. His global vision is to see every ethnic group reached with the Good News of Jesus, and though many have received this Good News, over ⅓ of the world still lives without access, having never heard of Jesus. God is calling us, His church, to be global Christians, to join Him in taking the Good News to unreached people groups in our city and around the world. So the question is, how will you respond? 

Join us on Sunday mornings during our 9am and 11am services this January as we discover together God's desire to be known and worshiped by all people groups and our place in His global mission! 



Global God 

The Thread of God's Heart for All People in All of Scripture

Special Guest &

Matthew Evans ICC Elder


Global Vision

The State of the Gospel Worldwide & God's Vision to Finish the Task

Mark Morris of Refugee Memphis


Global Christian

The Call of Every Christian to Join God in His Global Mission

David Frazier ICC Global Coach


Commissioning Service 

A Special Time of Commissioning New Global Missions Partners

Barrett Bowden ICC Lead Pastor

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ICC is passionately interested, invested and involved in global missions. We believe God desires to be known and worshipped in all the earth and every follower of Christ should be involved in God's mission to the world.  We were created and commanded to participate in this purpose. Our goal is to see all ICC members discover, be trained and mobilized to make their unique contributions to God's mission! 

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"One of the first things I learned from the Bible was the Great Commission, but at that time I wasn't a believer. I didn't come to faith until two years later. Two guys named Lamar and Darius, who I would see occasionally on campus, would pray for me and talk to me about the Gospel. When I came to faith, sharing the Gospel became something I was passionate about because of the impact it had on my life. This encouraged me to go on a mission trip to Guatemala where I hoped that God could use me in order to show others the love and care we receive from our heavenly Father.

While on the mission field, I experienced a fire burning in my heart for the people of Guatemala. For so long I had prayed to God to use me wherever he had me and to allow me to grow in places that I'm not comfortable. Even though I'm bilingual, I still struggle speaking Spanish and stutter on my words. But during that trip, God took a fear that I had and used it to proclaim His name and His glory to the people I spoke to. At the end of the day, I looked back and saw everything that I said actually came from God and not me. It was wonderful to just be where God was working. It was an answered prayer.

To anyone wanting to go on a short term mission trip, the only thing I would say is just do it! There are a lot of people who think they need to be perfect at something but the truth is that all you have to be is willing and able and the Lord will use you no matter where you are in life. Matthew 17:20 shows us a great example: 'even with faith as small as a mustard seed, you can move mountains.' It has nothing to do with us or our faith but everything to do with how great our God is."

- Oscar from our ICC family