global missions fellowship (GMF)

We are so thankful to have many in our church community who have felt God's stirring or call upon their hearts & lives to move toward global missions full-time.  Many others are seeking to learn more and find their fit.  We have an intentional community and discipleship program designed to provide needed encouragement, exploration, community and equipping with a view toward sending: GMF. 

It is our hope that God will bless and use this group to send many, many from ICC into the world to serve the needy and share the grace and love of Christ.   Interested in more information?  READ MORE BELOW.

GMF community

Some details:

  • At its heart, GMF is an intentional community of people who gather regularly for the purpose of exploration and growth in Global Missions.
  • GMF began because of a need and desire to help ICC members prepare to go long-term to the mission field.  However, we have expanded it to be inclusive of people who in many stages of the global missions journey. 
  • We believe that GMF is best suited for three groups: (1) People called toward long-term vocational missions (2) People looking to find their fit in Global Missions and (3) People desiring to learn more and grow in the area of Global Missions.
  • GMF meets the first Friday of every month on Mud Island.
  • Whether you are early in the exploration process or ready to pack-up tomorrow and go, we invite you to join this group!
  • Interesting in coming this month? Sign up here.

To find out more about our GMF purposes and structure, see below.


While our time together is always fun, it is also designed to be very intentional.  Each month we gather, here's what you can expect:

  • Connecting with Other Globally-Minded Christians
  • Cultivating a Heart for the World
  • Discussing Missional Topics
  • Growing in Personal Next Steps
  • Encouraging Cultural Exposure

Our group times are organized around things like: casual conversations and fellowship, learning about and praying for specific people groups, engaging cultural experiences, and deep group discussions about various global missions topics. 

For those interested in taking the next step in discipleship and preparation, we recommend our M1, M2 & M3 Tracks. See below.


For those serious about growth and movement toward long-term sending in global missions and church planting, we have developed a intentional, progressive discipleship program. For details, see below.

Our basic discipleship strategy: Motivating. Maturing, Mobilizing.

  • M1- Focuses on the motivating the person in discovery of missions. M1 helps people learn about the biblical, historical, and cultural perspectives of global missions. It also explores and exposes the participant to world religions.
  • M2- Focuses on maturing the person for missions. M2 is focused on training and development of skills and character for the purpose of sending. M2 asks the participant harder questions of skills and strategies needed for effective global missions. Each M2 participant will have personal development plan.
  • M3 - Focusing on mobilizing the person for missions. M3 is an intensive practicum that focuses on personal readiness and exposure to real life cross-cultural ministry.

Each track meets the second Sunday of each month at ICC from 12-2pm.

Applications are necessary for M2 and M3 programs.