ICC is passionately interested, invested and involved in global missions. We believe God desires to be known and worshipped in all the earth. We were created and commanded to participate in this purpose. Because of this, we desire to sacrificially pray, give, and go into the world so that everyone may have opportunity to experience the joy we know in Jesus.

Below, discover how you can be involved in ICC global missions this year.

(Desiring to learn more about Global Missions? Don't miss our Global Missions Fellowship page.)


We have two ICC members (*) and seven mission partners serving overseas in gospel ministry. Join us in praying fervently for our missionaries and mission partners:

  • Glenn Roseberry - Tanzania*
  • Kristin H - Home Assignment*
  • Ebele and family- Ivory Coast
  • Christudas and family- India
  • Kirk and Michelle Lightfield - Guatemala
  • Hoyt Lovelace and family - Global Church Planter
  • Wade and Barbara Akins- Pioneer Missions
  • Camp Hope- Serbia
  • Healthy Heart Ministries- Ivory Coast

For additional resources for prayer, please consider:, and .  


Every year, we commit 25% of our church's general budget to missionaries, missions resources, and ministries outside of our church. In 2020, ICC will give over $218,000 towards missions and mission-related causes.  

We encourage you to ask God how He would have you participate in global missions through giving toward ICC.  Every time you give, you invest in gospel advancement and meeting needs around the world. 

You can give online simply and securely by clicking here.


We ask every member of our church to consider going on one of our short-term global mission trips for ministry this year. Because we desire all short-term trips to align with established gospel visions, movements, and strategies, all trips represent long-term partnerships supporting specific requests of national workers or local missionaries.  Also, because we believe in God's purposes through the local church, all trips are aimed at beginning or supporting gospel-saturated church planting movements. 

Financial scholarships are available.  In addition, a special foundation has been established to ensure students can participate.  For more information on scholarships, contact us.

Global Missions Partners and 2020 Trips:

Ready to apply? Email Bree Rubel at for trip application and more information.

Thinking about or called toward full-time global missions? 

Email David Frazier at

Global Missions Fellowship is an intentional fellowship group that meets monthly and is designed to provide needed encouragement, exploration, community, and equipping for those interested in global missions. Click here to learn more.