Let the peoples praise you, O God! Let the nations sing and shout for joy! Psalm 67

See below for 2017 short-term Global Missions trip opportunities. The trips are organized by calendar year.

To sign-up: (1) Select trip (2) Complete our online missions application. (3) Pay deposit by cash, check, or card by deadline.

  • Serbia

    Our team will travel to Serbia in February of 2017 to teach at the HUB Bible school. Our friend and partner of ICC, Sladjan Milenkovic, has invited us to come and guest lecture at one of only two evangelical seminaries in Serbia. We will spend the week teaching out of 1st and 2nd Samuel. We will also spend the evenings of our time there com- ing alongside students and faculty for practical evangelism and church planting in the area. If you feel called to teach and lead and enjoy empowering others to do the same, then you should consider this trip!

    • Dates: February 17-25, 2017
    • Total cost: approx. $1600
    • Team size: 5-7 people
    • Deadline for deposit and application: December 25, 2016
  • Guatemala

    In Guatemala, we partner with local pastors in Chimaltenango in area evangelism and assistance for the poor. Through relational evangelism and building homes for families, there is plenty of opportunities to share the gospel. Some other aspects of our trip will include orphan care and food distribution. We will be staying in western-style housing while there. Good physical shape is recommended because of the strenuous activity of the week. This trip is a wonderful opportunity for a first time mission trip. 

    • Dates: May 18-25, 2017
    • Total cost: approx. $1400
    • Team size: 20-30 people
    • Deadline for deposit and application: February 19, 2017
  • Kenya/tanzania

    In Kenya and Tanzania, our team will be working alongside ICC Missionary, Glenn Roseberry, by assisting him using dental clinics to reach into areas that he feels are necessary to his greater strategy. This trip focuses on strong evangelism and church planting as well as efficient dental work. Participants will have plenty of opportunity to personally share the gospel and engage in discipleship. Good physical shape is strongly encouraged due to long travel, rugged conditions, and a major change in diet. 

    • Dates: Kenya: June 23-July 1 2017; Tanzania: June 30-July 8, 2017; Kenya/Tanzania: June 23-July 8, 2017
    • Total cost: Kenya: $2500, Tanzania: $2500, Kenya/Tanzania: $3000
    • Team size: 10-12 people
    • Deadline for deposit and application: March 26, 2017
  • colombia

    Our team will travel to Bogota, Colombia in July of 2017 to partner with our missionary, Lindy Avila. We will spend the week encouraging churches, training leaders, and teaching discipleship. Our leadership that week will be key to continued Gospel work among the networks of churches and people Lindy works alongside. There will be opportunities for practical evangelism throughout the week as well. If you feel called to train and enjoy empowering others, then you should consider this trip!

    • Dates: July 14-22, 2017
    • Total cost: $1,500
    • Team size: 5-7 people
    • Deadline for deposit and application: April 16, 2017
  • Serbia (pediatric cancer camp)

    We are so excited to have the opportunity to help provide volunteers and workers for our ongoing pediatric cancer camp in Serbia. In partnership with HUB Bible School (in Opovo), we will be hosting families who have been affected by pediatric cancer for a week of fun, relaxation, fellowship with other families, medical screenings, worship and therapy sessions. Volunteers with a variety of skill sets are needed to assist children and adults with activities, games, sessions, etc. 

    • Dates: August 12-19, 2017
    • Total Cost: $1900
    • Team size: 7-10 people
    • Deadline for deposit and application: May 21, 2017
  • ivory coast

    We will partner with Ebele, who is a missions partner of ICC and a native to Ivory Coast. Through the years we have sent short term teams to meet needs and provide medical clinics as a creative platform for church planting and evangelism opportunities in unreached areas. Our team will be equipped to run a clinic. Team of physicians, dentists, optometrists, and non-medical evangelists for this trip is essential to its success. 

    • Dates: November 17-25, 2017
    • Total cost: $2500
    • Team size: 15-20 people
    • Deadline for deposit and application: August 13, 2017
  • inDIA

    We will be working with our mission partner, Christudas Earla providing training for his network of church planters. Basic biblical understanding and discipleship help will be key parts of training pastors. Participants skilled in leadership and teaching are needed for this trip. We will also work hand-in-hand with local church planters to engage the lost for the growth of their churches. Good physical health is suggested due to long travel and rugged conditions. 

    • Dates: December 27, 2017- January 4, 2018
    • Total Cost: $2500
    • Team Size: 5-7 people
    • Deadline for deposit and application: September 24, 2017