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Facilities Manager

Job Brief

This position requires a skill set in facility cleaning and maintenance, strong work ethic, detail-oriented management skills, creative problem-solving, and compatibility with our unique leadership team.

Coach and Supervisor: Associate Pastor / Ministry Support Director (minimum weekly management meeting and staff meeting expected)

Compensation: $200, 15-20 hours per week [$10,400/year]


Facilities Cleaning

Minimum Bi-weekly (twice/week) Full Cleanings - full cleaning of facility to prepare for weekly weekend worship gathering(s) and full cleaning after weekly weekend worship gathering(s) to prepare the building for the week's activities.

Weekly cleaning includes but is not limited to:

  • Resetting the worship space, classrooms, and office areas following Sunday worship
  • Cleaning and polishing all floors
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Cleaning and disinfecting children’s areas and toys
  • Cleaning windows and all glass
  • Cleaning all surfaces
  • Cleaning and resetting coffee bar
  • Cleaning microwave and refrigerators
  • Watering indoor and outdoor plants as needed
  • Picking up trash inside and outside of the building


  • Cleaning exterior of building
  • Deep cleaning of facilities

Facilities Maintenance

Weekly- Moving and rearranging furniture throughout the building to create distinct ministry environments for calendared events. Set-up includes but is not limited to:

  • Rearranging furniture
  • Setting-up tables
  • Preparing support items in spaces for events
  • Managing coffee and other food service setup
  • Responding to specific needs of staff and ministry leadership

Monthly- Maintaining Visual Appeal

  • Paint touch-up
  • Ceiling sweeping
  • Replace ceiling tiles o Intermittent meetings with contractors for additional building maintenance
  • Organize closet storage and maintain organization and accessibility

Facilities Management

  • Manage Facility Supplies
  • Aid in Managing Facility Calendar
  • Develop and maintain a facilities cleaning, supplies ordering, and maintenance schedule

Weekly Expectations:

  • Order supplies for facility maintenance
  • Order supplies for coffee bar
  • Manage set-up & tear-down schedule
  • Work with staff team to manage facility needs for special events

To download a full job description and sample work schedule for this position, please click here


To apply, please email Candace Todd your resume and briefly describe your interest in the position. Applicants will be contacted personally as follow-up. 

We look forward to hearing from you!